For Foodies

Discover local food businesses and enjoy exciting cooking experiences around their products!
Check out some examples (in German only):

For Local Food Businesses

With Gourmagine, you can easily set up your own recipe website to create exciting shopping & cooking experiences for your customers. Partner up with peers to expand your local food community around your products and make it easy for people to interact with you and provide feedback.
Fast setup. Intuitive use. Super affordable. No tech skills needed.
At the moment our service is available in German-speaking Switzerland. If you would like to create a recipe site in a different language, please contact us by email.

About Gourmagine

We help small local food producers and retailers to create exciting omni-channel shopping and cooking experiences around their products with the help of a highly customisable recipe platform. Drop us a message if you share our goal, we’re always happy to co-operate.

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